Ooty Lake, Ooty, India


Type: Landscape Photography
Location: Ooty, India
Date: June 2019
Camera: Canon EOS 200D

I love to travel, and whatever little free time I find from my advertising life, I devote it to travelling around the country. Travel gives me ample opportunity to explore my other hobby and that is photography. The photo above is that of the Ooty Lake in Ooty, Tamil Nadu, South India. Captured a little after sunset, I got the exact shades I was looking for.

This is an unedited, unfiltered, shot.

I am learning professional photography. Because I can’t deny the thrill I experience at the prospect of just stepping out, and seeking out the extraordinary in what seems mundane to regular eyes. Also I someone who loves to capture photos of nature, because I am a diehard nature lover at heart. Most my captures are thus, landscape photos. I prefer to use a good professional camera because, well, who doesn’t love good quality, high resolution pictures, after all!

I use GoPro Hero 7 Black for videos and action shoots. For portrait and landscape photography, I have a Canon EOS 200D, and my OPPO Reno 2 comes handy when I don’t have these two with me.

Hope you enjoy my India Travel Photography. Do share your thoughts in comments below. Thank you!


All photos are copyright Asha Seth. Unauthorized use and/or reproduction without permission is unethical and prohibited.


© Asha Seth

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33 Replies to “Ooty Lake, Ooty, India”

  1. I also love to take photographs, but don’t know about photography basics like ISO, white light, focus, exposure, shutter speed, etc. In lack of these things, I couldn’t take good photographs. I have tried many times to understand these things online & through apps, but I don’t get it. I have read that there are different settings for day, night, low light, sunlight, etc. Can you tell me about these settings for different conditions so that I can set them and take good photos. Can you tell me about any online source which explains these things in simple and understandable manner so that I can understand it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You will find a lot of tutorials online. That’s what I do. You’ll have to practice regularly to get the hang of these things. LinkedIn Learning has many photography modules.


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