With close to 10k followers, I feel a pinch of joy to think that I might be doing something right here; despite my vanishing acts and brief spells of lethargy. Today, on the eve of the 8th anniversary, I look back at the past 8 years and I’m proud, so proud. Because I could beat the one thing I always wanted to – fear.

The past years have been more than thrilling. But these did come with their own baggage of anxieties. It wasn’t easy, and I still can’t believe I’m here today. If anything, these years have taught me so much more and had I abandoned it after the 2nd year (I almost did for 2 years), I know I would be a nausea of regrets unable to cure.

Most of those who I started this journey with, aren’t around anymore. A few drop me random emails chasing the person they think I am. But how do I tell them? I am not that person anymore. I’ve become more of a recluse than I was, more closed, more reserved. A bit of me what was, is still lurking somewhere. But I remember them still. I miss them still. I wish we got on talking more often than we do.

8 years is a long time, like an age passed by, like a river I am walking down that never ends. When I look back, I see I’ve trailed but a very short distance, very few grains of sand have escaped that hourglass. How can it be that worlds have changed, morphed into new ones, in such a short span of time? People grew such corners and edges I never knew existed. Some brimming with such love, I never thought them to be capable of. And yet here I am.

The past year was fast and slow. Feels like only yesterday, I wrote this post on the 7th anniversary. I must be feeling really differently then to run to depths like that and pull out thoughts that were long lost, left abandoned. But I managed pinning them down on paper so I never lose sight of them. This year however, with the present situation, I am not in a very introspective space. All I wish to say is the one thing I’ve always said –

Thank you for being there!

This is a special day. It not only marks my victory over difficult times, memories, trials, and hopes. But a day to cherish the few from over the globe who truly love and appreciate every little thing I do here.


Asha Seth

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  1. 8 years is a long and successful milestone in blogging Asha. Hearty congratulations dear. You were one of the first few followers of my blog. Always remember the happiness it have me to some someone as good as you to encourage a novice like me. Stay happy and safe. Keep writing ♥️


  2. Happy 8th anniversary in blogging.I wish you more productive years in writing.I wish I could follow your lead.Tha’s a tough act,really.Peace and blessings!


“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” ― James A. Michener

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