Touchwood Peak in Igatpuri – A Memory

Recently, I visited this resort called Touchwood Bliss is Igatpuri, Maharashtra. This was my first trip after the lockdown, in the pandemic.

Traveling certainly has changed a bit for everyone; one can’t be careful enough. But at least, the joy of visiting somewhere new could not be marred by the pandemic and its impact. I loved the place but more than that I was mesmerised by the natural ambiance as the property was nestled in the Touchwood valley, surrounded by hills and rice plains on all sides. This photo was shot at 8am on a November morning when the winds were so chilly it was difficult to feel one’s fingers. I had fresh breeze numbing as well as thrilling my senses, all at once.

Type: Landscape Photography Location: Igatpuri, Maharashtra, India Date: November 2020 Camera: Oppo Reno 10X Zoom

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