Mystery Blogger Award

Riddhima Penner from 'A World of fantastic Poetry' was immensely kind in awarding 'BadBookthief' with the Mystery Blogger Award, created by Okoto Enigma. Head over to her space to acquaint with some well-written, soaking-with-sentiments, poetry. Although, I gave up doing award posts long ago, I am tempted to do this one. Simply because, I wish... Continue Reading →

Best Indian Book Blogger Award

The end of 2017 was the harbinger of happiness for 'The Musing Quill'. A proud winner of the 'Best Indian Book Blog' Award in IBA 2017 hosted by Indiblogger, the blog definitely didn't expect to be in limelight again this soon in the year. Owing to the extremely hectic week, however, that the new year... Continue Reading →

Blogger Recognition Award

Revisiting my earlier days, I recollect how blog awards were quite a deal. I always felt, it totally justified, to have the efforts of bloggers, rewarded. After all, this is our won little world. We live a distinct life here; different than the one we live in the real world. We are somewhat 'more we' here, as I... Continue Reading →

Gargie Award & Liebster Award

Being Awarded feels like Heaven. Feels Special. Feels Honored. Feels Praised. Feels Inspired. Gives you a reason to smile. A Reason to Celebrate. A Reason to Appreciate. A Reason to share Happiness. A Reason to share Love. A Reason to share the Awards. A Reason to make someone feel the joys of Being Awarded! Past... Continue Reading →

1000 Footprints on WordPress

Whether at work, whether at home. Ever since I am a part of WordPress, the first thing that I do in the morning is checking my blog. POST-ing a bit, SHARE-ing a bit, LIKE-ing a bit, COMMENT-ing a bit. It is quite an addiction, you see.  This morning too I logged into my WordPress account... Continue Reading →

Super-Sweet Blogging Award

I accidentally lost one of my awards in the sea of comments. This was awarded to me close to a month ago from my friend Tapish. It was only recently that I realized it. I was stunned by how careless I can get. I delved into the endless stream of notifications and I skimmed, rummaged,... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Blogger Award

Whoa! This really is the Award-Month for me! My third award!             Thank you, dear Lopa, for the award! Feels great to have received one again. My blog is all shining now with your sweetest SUNSHINE AWARD!! 🙂 What the award requires?? Answer some questions about yourself Nominate some of... Continue Reading →

Leibster Award

This is my second one this month. The Leibster blog award. Though I am all smiles, I am panicking at the same time. What can I say??? Makes me stop in my steps and think 'Do I really deserve it?' Firstly, let me thank this lovely lady Zoe for considering me worthy of this award... Continue Reading →

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Dear Fellow-bloggers-turned-Friends, I wish to take a few minutes of your valued time to listen to what I have to say. Here is a bucket full of thanks for all your love and appreciation you've shown toward my blog (not to forget, all your patience for having to put up with my mediocre writing, most-disorganized... Continue Reading →

One Lovely Blog Award

Awards bring a cheerful feeling! Lights up the lives of those who receive it. Imparts happiness to you even if you're not the one to receive it. There's lots of smiles and a lot more cheering and a hell lot more a reason to celebrate. As Wikipedia says, An award is something given to a person... Continue Reading →

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