The Creative Spirit on a Cold Night

A Wonderful Poem by Drew, a very dear friend. Peek into his fascinating world here: ~~~~~ Beneath a sea of frozen stars The village goes to sleep Save for a few souls still awake Who dream a bit more deep Poets write their words so sweet Musicians craft a melody Painters look to capture beauty For all... Continue Reading →

Veiled Ink

A Wonderful Poem by Joseph, a very dear friend. Peek into his fascinating world here: ~~~~~ In a soft embrace of shadows As you release me from your pen Will I see you today? As I create my life with words. Throw the alphabet out of the window I know you will make your own life with... Continue Reading →

A Game of Words

Work of Wonder by Advaita Inamdar Peek into his fascinating world here: ~~~~~ If it’s just a game of words, Then I must give it a try, It’s like a challenge to me, Gets me all mighty and high. My pen is a sword, And my poetry is a shield. I never forget to bring my dreams... Continue Reading →

The Boat

Work of Wonder by Manu S Kurup  Peek into his fascinating world here:  

‘Reading’ People

I quite agree with the inline thoughts here and found it worth sharing.

And for once…

For some unknown reason, I felt like sharing this again.

Bad Book Thief

49acb4981e7e5a2e99a4f1d1d2faf0ea Image Credit: Pinterest

…and for once, I want to forget the sad memories,
and think of all the happier ones…
tonight, can I leave behind?
the heartaches caused by the impossible would-bes…
can I step aside?
and make way for the crippling afflictions to pass…
can I look past your cruel carelessness
that paralysed my affections…
…and, just this once, perhaps, just for tonight,
can I allow myself to fall in love with you again?

-Asha Seth

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Beautiful Juxtaposition…

I love the way thoughts are transformed into words so brilliantly by those few among us who are just so good at it. This one is for J.

Book to the Future



Silence pervades the cold dark night, in this peace…

I think of you.

I gaze at the stars and their associated wonders.

I think of you


The last email of my day has flown across the ether,

A sense of melancholy at the broken connection.

A new day beckons, I cannot contain myself,

I should sleep, though it seems a waste when you are in my world.


I sit alone and smile

I think of you.

I dare to dream of realities unrealised

I think of you.


Sensual beginnings to a day’s end, a beautiful juxtaposition,

A wondrous sense of magic flows in me, ancient and unknowable.

Is this what others understand?

No, not like this…nothing can be like this.


I think of you.


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One of my favorite posts of Subhan so far!

Subhan Zein



I stop the music and place my headset on my desk,

Putting an end to the rhythmical but fabricated melody

I look out the window and gaze at the surrounding

The sky has poured its perfect blessing

Yes, rain, rain, rain!


Oh, the sound it lashes out is so rhythmical,

And the energy it unleashes is so powerful


The rain’s beauty lies in its non-fabricated melody

As it is composed by Mother Nature with pure honesty


So I take off my shoes and run out

Closing my eyes, I feel myself is roiling in excitement

When the rain touches my skin

And caresses my soul


Suddenly I start swaying in gaiety

I dance under the rain


Come, my friends, join me!

Dancing under the rain is a delicate beauty!




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Happy Thanksgiving

May you forever have a million reasons to be thankful to God. Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Coffee Addict

Sadly we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Lithuania. I’m truly jealous of the American tradition to gather together the loved ones to express the gratitude for LIFE.

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving today wherever you may be, may your day be full of many wonderful memories and moments to be thankful for, and if today is without fanfare, well, it’s still my favorite day of the work week and that much closer to the weekend – most certainly something to celebrate.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day, and I have to begin my treasures list by being continually thankful for my readers.  Your support, compliments and cheer are something that prompts me to count my blessings regularly. I love You!(*Fr.)Also there are a few more things I would most certainly label as treasures during this past weeks . . .

Simple, yet decadently delicious…

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I couldn’t have agreed more with the idea on writing by C A Husted hence reblogging!

C. A. Husted

The plain and simple truth about writers: Writers write. — There it is. It’s in the open; knowledge for one and all.

Writers share, whether we realize it or not, much of ourselves in what we write. Each sentence being the chosen words of a single writer, may be written in various other ways, by another. By writing it one way, by choosing the words that were chosen instead of using others, that writer has chosen to focus on a particular meaning that perhaps only those words are able to offer.

Articles for magazines; essays for whatever purpose; novellas; novels; poetry; and so many other forms of writing are available, along with many styles, because writers were there to create it. Everything under the sun — fictional stories based in some invisible world to nonfiction about a real world drug abuser that gave it up to find their purpose in…

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