the skies turned purple to pink the lilies rushed from buds to blooms the pale winds gathered words whispered love in the ears of bereaving dawns everywhere was lively everything was gay when I stopped waiting new dreams found their way under my roof in its dark dark room and lit was the heart that... Continue Reading →

I live off your breaths in all those moments when breathing is hard to do I walk in your steps in all those lanes where direction seems obscure I create life from your leftovers when my muse refuses to stop by I look at myself in your eyes when mirrors turn blind You are like... Continue Reading →

the tide has turned I am lost in its depths there's nothing saving me from the gnawing weeds filling my lungs but his words become my anchor against raging storms they hold me down from going astray all I need to do is hold on but I am slipping from their grip and he doesn't... Continue Reading →


to write about love is a cliche of sorts i put my pen to paper to write a tale of obsession of lust of admiration of deliberate attempts rushed and hushed of chances grabbed and opportunities lost of everything that made you trace back to me that made you hold me each time I fell for... Continue Reading →

Every time…

And every time, breathing felt like a mountain weighing you down I wish you’d come running into me… that you’d allow me to cradle you to sleep… And every time, living felt like a burden drowning you down I wish you’d come running into me… that you’d allow me to cradle you to sleep… And... Continue Reading →

I’m this close…

I'm this close... to shedding the jitters to breaking away from bitters to releasing the heart's flutters I'm this close... to refueling the fire to freeing the repressed desires  to rewriting my memoir I'm this close... to losing the reins to reducing to vain to falling in love again ~~~~~ Happy writing till we meet... Continue Reading →

Hey, December!

You stole my heart with your windy nights that caressed my body and left me in shivers... Hey, December, I've loved you more than summers 'Tis you I've wished to stay longer I hope you always remember... ~~~~~ Asha Seth

A Frozen Wintry Road

mighty hills on both sides the haughty river dancing jovially the sight made my heart tremble like an anxious bride-to-be... melting frost and snow began to slowly hypnotize my wild wild heart and this chagrined mind... amidst cloud-kissing peaks and pines so sky-high I forgot how lonely I was despite no soul in sight... my... Continue Reading →

P.S. I don’t love you.

When I gave you that book I gave you more than I could And who knew what future held But I believed in us And it went without saying that I loved you more than you deserved I didn't know what to do When you said you couldn't meet me on your birthday, that you... Continue Reading →

My Shadow and I

The sun yet wasn't high up in the sky beautiful patches of the night time followed wherever I went. The street was crowded with rustic leaves and howling winds. Scattered around were a zillion voices faces with fables galore. There wasn't a soul in sight except myself and my shadow behind. Together we explored every... Continue Reading →


When we breathe in different cities this heart inside of me is a constant memory of how misbehaved I am how uncontrolled like a mischievous child And when you're with me, I can scarcely feel a thing but the mad fluttering of its wings wanting to burst out  of that darned cage and merge into... Continue Reading →

The God of the Foolish…

When you told me to keep secrets I kept them hidden so deep inside that I couldn't find them to save my own life and that night the moon laughed at my foolishness for I was crying over the corpse of my self-made follies. Guess that's what you made of me not blind not selfish... Continue Reading →


never saw a day through the eyes of glory but when dusk came I cried for it, nonetheless what was it that pinched the heart so when everything seemed merry why did it feel awry? the lakes felt a bit too full yet couldn't quench my thirst and till date, till this minute what is... Continue Reading →

An illusion…

but it is an illusion to want to have that what may never live you'll forever find what was never there if you continue to look you might just see why you never had it but it is an illusion to want to have that what may never live walk ahead but look down that... Continue Reading →

It’d be you…

Through nights and days, The only thing I’d dreamt of Was picture-prefect memories And a place to hold it all When evenfall came I looked about me Found only emptiness on faces bizarre It didn’t come to me Not at first, But the one thing I wanted was Slowly turning rare Far and wide The... Continue Reading →

An earth with no sky…

I wanted to run and hide and then I turned and saw what was chasing me was also what was leading me that I was following it with all my heart then what was it that I didn't feel mine or was it what I was living for endlessly even beyond time I couldn't tell... Continue Reading →

After the darkest hour…

bring me a knife let me show you  how you cut the weeds detach them from growing on your soul from pulling you down don't drown fight your way for what awaits because, my love only after the darkest hour does the morning light rip off the shroud of despair and drape the day with... Continue Reading →

The Knowing

flowers bloomed carefree looking here laughing there as the day slithered from dawn to dusk some of those flowers turned pale their end was their the next morning was not for them ~~~~~ Asha Seth

Feast for the Unfortunate

it was a day unlike any other day the sun went up the garbage bins came down tumbling forth from the cleaner's grip laying its treasures bare in the street rotting fragrances filled the air out came the mutts with practiced flair days of starvation will have to be gone no more sniffing and chasing... Continue Reading →

Rebury this Soul…

walking down familiar lanes never realised they had changed withered, eroded muddied, faded trees lining street-ends had grown dustier leaves rattled by storms had grown mustier walking down familiar lanes never realized how I had changed never stopped to care even when omens lay bare as the last grains of the hour glass called for... Continue Reading →


when I returned lost and beaten through the woods to reach where I belong no one was there to welcome me except the scorching trail and the ruins beyond ~~~~~ Asha Seth

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