As writers, we are always on the lookout for such pieces of instruction, motivation, that would make the tedious task of writing simpler. Something that will make us bleed less while ensuring that the results are nothing short of masterpieces of literature. But as we all know, such potions or draughts don't exist, and the human... Continue Reading →

Perhaps, it is a dream. But I look around. I see myself stretched upon the bed. I am wearing the same saree from last night that I had gotten sick on. The dried puke is still smeared upon the floral print of the silk. Oh, how I love floral prints! I must've fallen asleep right... Continue Reading →

Books I Can’t Wait to Read in July

For the past few months, time has been crawling. But now summer's gone and monsoon's already at my doorstep. June was mighty slow. It was dry too, and horridly humid. Rains were expected to wash away some of the desperation but alas! With a windy appearance and rains in its satchel, July seems to have... Continue Reading →

The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories: Book Review by Asha Seth

Review Available on: Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon Author: Angela Carter| Genre: Short Stories | Pages: 214 The Blurb: In The Bloody Chamber - which includes the story that is the basis of Neil Jordan's 1984 movie The Company of Wolves - Carter spins subversively dark and sensual versions of familiar fairy tales and legends like "Little Red... Continue Reading →

Nights and mornings, all feel the same. I can't tell one from the other. And yet, when I look at the walls around me, everything's changed. When and how, is what I'm left with. Feels like an age has passed in the blink of an eye. Some I wish to see, are far far away.... Continue Reading →

It's Father's Day, and I miss papa terribly today. I am happy for those who still have their fathers around. Trust me, you're luckier than many. Those of you who have been following my blog probably know that I lost my father 2 years ago. There isn't a day I don't miss him, but days... Continue Reading →

Misery: Book Review by Asha Seth

Review Available on: Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon Author: Stephen King| Genre: Psychological Horror| Pages: 369 The Blurb: Misery Chastain was dead. Paul Sheldon had just killed her - with relief, with joy. Misery had made him rich; she was the heroine of a string of bestsellers. And now he wanted to get on to... Continue Reading →

Type: Landscape PhotographyLocation: Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, IndiaDate: December 2019Camera: Canon EOS 200D This is an unedited, unfiltered, shot. Hope you enjoy my India Travel Photography.Do share your thoughts in comments below.For more photos, visit my travelgram.Thank you!~~~~~ All photos are copyright Asha Seth.Unauthorized use and/or reproduction without permissionis unethical and prohibited. ~~~~~ © Asha Seth Never... Continue Reading →

Pain or pleasure, makes us better. Each of our experiences makes us a better artist. And that is more than a sufficient reason to believe that whatever happens, happens for good, to teach us something, to leave lessons with us, that is our own, and only ours. These experiences should be harnessed to power up... Continue Reading →

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