51 year-old, Ahilya Pahune, a proud village farmer, living in Nasik, is helping her large joint family of 21, harvest the rice. Despite the heat, despite the hard work, despite her physical limitations, this woman was all smiles at the end of a long day and more than excited for a quick chat with us.Type:... Continue Reading →

Books I Can’t Wait to Read in July

For the past few months, time has been crawling. But now summer's gone and monsoon's already at my doorstep. June was mighty slow. It was dry too, and horridly humid. Rains were expected to wash away some of the desperation but alas! With a windy appearance and rains in its satchel, July seems to have... Continue Reading →

Nights and mornings, all feel the same. I can't tell one from the other. And yet, when I look at the walls around me, everything's changed. When and how, is what I'm left with. Feels like an age has passed in the blink of an eye. Some I wish to see, are far far away.... Continue Reading →

Found this peacock staring at us who was caught unawares, in the wilds of Mudumalai Tiger Reserve in Tamil Nadu, India. This was shot in the Monsoons of 2019. I love these beautiful birds and this is a most-cherished capture.For those who might not know, peacock is the national bird of India.¬†Type: Bird PhotographyLocation: Mudumalai... Continue Reading →

Type: Landscape PhotographyLocation: Ooty, IndiaDate: June 2019Camera: Canon EOS 200DI love to travel, and whatever little free time I find from my advertising life, I devote it to travelling around the country. Travel gives me ample opportunity to explore my other hobby and that is photography. The photo above is that of the Ooty Lake... Continue Reading →

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