इश्क़ कुछ इस कदर हुआ उनसेउनकी गलतियां अपनी लगने लगींउनकी खामियां अच्छी लगने लगींउनकी नासमझी की हद तो देखियेवह हमें हीकुसूरवार कहकरदोषी करार करकैदी बनाकरअनजानों की तरहछोड़ चले ~~~~~ आशा सेठ

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It’s a shame…

It’s a shame

that i want more of you

always more

so much more

like a hungry wolf

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9 Engaging Poetry Books to Beat Depression

What’s better than a good book to make living worthwhile? The pandemic has been a tough period, and the lockdown unbearable. Many of us are experiencing a term that has become a global lingo – lockdown depression. While there isn’t only one way to handle this period of heightened anxiety, I realised reading poetry has…

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