On Writing Styles

Let me tell you something. As a kid, I wasn’t particularly fussy, but yet someone with peculiar tastes. God bless my mother, how she put up with my myriad moods is a mystery to me.  It was many years later that I was going to learn about Wilde’s popular and my mantra for life –... Continue Reading →


The best thing about spending time alone is you get to know yourself better. I'd read somewhere that 'The only person you should be better than, is yourself'. So that gives me a lot to think about. And therefore this ME post. I will talk incessantly about myself. Read on. Read till it gets to... Continue Reading →


Change is the only thing that is Constant, they say. It's inevitably omnipresent. But I ask, "Really?" Of late, I don't seem to experience anything new around me. No change at all. Or maybe, I am just oblivious to Change. Knowing me, I'd go with the latter. Yes, so I am lost in my own... Continue Reading →

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