An Unexpected Show

on the lazy Sunday morning when the city had just woken up from a deep sweaty slumber suddenly lightning cast a flash and the clouds dark and energetic gathered at once ready to enact the howling wind got in action as if collaborating on a mission ♥ tattered trees swayed in fury and the strays pranced... Continue Reading →


Remember those days when all we fought about were pencils and crayons? When pages were canvasses of trials and temptation of the coming together of ink and paper? ♥ Remember those days when all we cared about were the paper boats struggling to sail in narrow ditches carved with fallen twigs in the pouring rains?... Continue Reading →

Finally, its raining!

How does one feel when after miles of throat-wrenching walk, you suddenly spot a spring of fresh water? or the feeling as they say when one discovers an oasis in a desert? Just the sight of it feels refreshing, isn't it? It is like food for hungry eyes and quenches your thirst even before you ... Continue Reading →

Rainy Nights, Damp Thoughts, & more…

It's eleven pm in the night while I sit looking out my window, out in the dark hazy night while it's pouring with an amazing intensity rendering an authentic view. The beauty of the night soothes my tired eyes while I watch the leaves of trees gently sway with the swift winds as though its... Continue Reading →

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