The Unforgiven – Guest Post by Archangel White Wolf

A wonderful poem by Archangel White Wolf The Unforgiven I used to love The pouring rain Now it’s a veil To hide the pain Rolling tears Turn to Inner fears I use the thunder To mask my cries As the lightning flashes In my tear soaked eyes I fall to my knees And look to... Continue Reading →

The Creative Spirit on a Cold Night

A Wonderful Poem by Drew, a very dear friend. Peek into his fascinating world here: ~~~~~ Beneath a sea of frozen stars The village goes to sleep Save for a few souls still awake Who dream a bit more deep Poets write their words so sweet Musicians craft a melody Painters look to capture beauty For all... Continue Reading →


One of my favorite posts of Subhan so far!

Subhan Zein



I stop the music and place my headset on my desk,

Putting an end to the rhythmical but fabricated melody

I look out the window and gaze at the surrounding

The sky has poured its perfect blessing

Yes, rain, rain, rain!


Oh, the sound it lashes out is so rhythmical,

And the energy it unleashes is so powerful


The rain’s beauty lies in its non-fabricated melody

As it is composed by Mother Nature with pure honesty


So I take off my shoes and run out

Closing my eyes, I feel myself is roiling in excitement

When the rain touches my skin

And caresses my soul


Suddenly I start swaying in gaiety

I dance under the rain


Come, my friends, join me!

Dancing under the rain is a delicate beauty!




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