Issac Asimov’s Advice for Writers – Writing Inspiration

Rejections are tough. But they are more difficult when you're a writer. Because with every rejection, sometimes, comes a dose of dejection that gradually eats you. And it's hard to think of the way forward.It is astonishing when you think about the number of writers who give up with every rejection. But it is important... Continue Reading →

Writing Inspiration #43

Well, this isn't the first time an author has tried to emphasise on the importance of reading for writing a book. Most writers read a good deal before even starting to pen down their ultimate novel. I wouldn't know how to write if I hadn't taken inspiration from the books written by authors successful today.... Continue Reading →

5 Tested Tricks on How to Write Consistently

So, you’re a writer? Then what we are about to discuss is too damn relevant for you to ignore. Today we are going to talk about writing habits and how to keep writing consistently. As a writer, what are you writing goals? Do you write daily or weekly? Are you one of those writers who... Continue Reading →

Writing Inspiration #39

This particular advice I have read from almost all the legendary writers I admire. And that is  - when you sit down to write, sit devoid of rules and regulations, sit without grammar and punctuations, without erasers and cutters. Just pour your heart out. Let it all come out tumbling down on paper, freeing your... Continue Reading →

Writing Inspiration #38

When a thought hits us, when we are yet ruminating over it, and giving it shape, imparting it life, is when it is the most fertile. You can do with it, whatever you feel like. Tend it like you desire and it will grow just that way. Abandoning it in a corner of the brain... Continue Reading →

Hey, December!

You stole my heart with your windy nights that caressed my body and left me in shivers... Hey, December, I've loved you more than summers 'Tis you I've wished to stay longer I hope you always remember... ~~~~~ Asha Seth

A Frozen Wintry Road

mighty hills on both sides the haughty river dancing jovially the sight made my heart tremble like an anxious bride-to-be... melting frost and snow began to slowly hypnotize my wild wild heart and this chagrined mind... amidst cloud-kissing peaks and pines so sky-high I forgot how lonely I was despite no soul in sight... my... Continue Reading →

P.S. I don’t love you.

When I gave you that book I gave you more than I could And who knew what future held But I believed in us And it went without saying that I loved you more than you deserved I didn't know what to do When you said you couldn't meet me on your birthday, that you... Continue Reading →

Writing Inspiration #37

Octavia Butler, the sci-fi superstar wrote more than 5000 words daily. If it wasn't her manuscript, she was seen jotting down her thoughts in a daily journal she held almost all her life. But never did a day go by when she did not write. And that is an ardent practice of most of the... Continue Reading →

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